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You have a great technology product, solution or service. Marketing is positioning you well, but you know the market is big and don’t want to miss the mark in orchestrating your sales and execution strategy. If this is your challenge, I can help.

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As a veteran in the technology sales arena, I have had my successes and yes, failures too! I have worked for some of the largest technology vendors in the world. In some cases, I was on the winning team. In others, well let’s just say, there is no prize for second place! We all know that experience is the best teacher but ideally, we don’t like to make mistakes on our first try.

This is where I come in. My framework is designed to help you get it right the first time. Whether you are looking to take your product, solution or service to market or need to select and implement enterprise software put my experience to work for you!

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My Three Step Process


In this fist phase we are seeking to understand your situation and align your objectives with a strategic direction. This step is crucial to ensure that the program is heading down the right path.


This phase is where we roll up our sleeves and develop a tangible set of actions that will be the first step in reaching your objectives.


Now we can let the fun begin. Having done our job with alignment and development we have confidence that the steps we take will yield the desired results. In this phase we will execute against a specific set of tactics. It is important to note that like in sports, tactics can work, or they may need to be adjusted. This is not failure but a recipe for ultimate success! My coaching service will ensure that we fine tune your execution in a dynamic environment.

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