Now Is The Time For Go to Market Planning

As the global economy slows down due to COVID-19, many businesses are struggling to stay open. Tough decisions are being made everywhere. Valuable employees are being laid off while investments and major projects are being put on hold. Now, there are basically two kinds of businesses out there: 1) Those are a fighting for their life 2) Those that are buoyant enough to weather the storm. For those companies that fall into category 2 I have a message for you―take the time NOW to start your planning for when the tsunami of opportunity hits. When it hits you don’t want to be caught on your heels by wily competitors who took advantage of the crisis to both refine their business strategies and hone their skills and tactics.

This is one of the things that intuitively we know is right but emotionally is hard to execute. I don’t want to get to far into the psychology of this, but it likely has to do with fear of failure or fear of financial loss. I am suggesting that what your business needs is a healthy injection of optimism. No, I don’t mean blind faith just to make you feel better. I am talking about taking positive and logical steps to create a plan of action. Bring your best minds together and tackle that business problem that you didn’t have time to deal with when things we are running smoothly. In the sales and marketing arena (I am being self-serving here) why not rethink your go to market strategy? The world is going to be different post- Coronavirus. Will it create new business opportunities? New Markets? How about your sales strategies? Will your sales team need to employ new tactics?

Yes, I know it sucks right now. But some of the best plays in sports came from staring down adversity. Lets stair down this crisis and get into action. Let’s create the business of the future. Yes, lets plan for it now!

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